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Getting started

Inside ScratchCam

So you are thinking about downloading ScratchCam and want to check under the hood before you buy, or you already own a copy and you just need a few pointers on how to get the best out of the app. The good news is that it’s really easy to use and with a few simple button presses you can create great looking vintage, scratched and grungey photos.

Let’s get started!

Main Menu

ScratchCam FX introduces a whole new user interface and the first screen you will come across is the main menu.

Camera & Album

As you would suspect, these two options don’t need much explaining. You can take a new photo with your devices camera or pick an existing one from an album / camera roll by pressing each button respectively.

After you select a photo to work with it will be loaded straight into the ScratchCam Studio


ScratchCam Studio

This is where you will spend most of your time creating the perfect look for your photo.



The main controls are located in the bar along the bottom of the screen and are summed up in the screenshot above.



Press the randomiser to let ScratchCam auto-generate a random effects combination. There are literally thousands of combinations and it’s great fun seeing how many great results you can produce.



It can be very easy to be having so much fun with the randomiser that you accidentally skip past an effect that you wanted to keep hold of! This is where the Undo button comes in. Hit Undo to go back to the effect you just had.



When you select the FX menu a set of preset effects will slide into view which you can scroll through and select one by one for easy, instant results. These are great for getting started.



The faves module is where you can create your very own set of presets using your favourite ScratchCam effects. Once you have found an effect that you love and want to use on some other photos, just open the Faves module and hit Save. Easy!

You can remove favourites by toggling the Delete option and selecting the faves to delete.



The send menu is where you come when you have a finished photo that you want to either save to your camera roll or share online via Twitter or Facebook.

A great new feature that we have just added is the ability to send your photo to another photo editing app without saving it to the camera roll first.



Ok here we go, now we are into the meat of the ScratchCam studio! When you hit the edit button a cool little menu slides out from the side of the screen with three options on it.


Scratches, Textures and Borders are the three layer types that make up a ScratchCam effect. By selecting each one of these menu options you gain the ability to pick and choose the exact mode for each one.

Scratches – Pick and choose from one of ScratchCam’s many film scratch effects, from subtle to full on busted up.

Textures and Borders – Add further texture to your image including film and paper effects as well as borders and frames

Colours – Select a colour effect from different monochrome variations to weird colour shifts and hardcore over-saturation



Top Tip! Many of the options in these menus have more than one mode – press the thumbnails a few times to cycle through them!


Download Centre

Back on the main menu now and the next option is the Download Centre.

This is a great new feature that we’ve added in v2.0 where you can download and install FREE effects packs to use in the ScratchCam Studio!

To download the new effects packs, make sure you are connected to the internet first, and then enter the Download Centre.

You will then see a scrolling list of all the available effects packs. Each pack comes with three parts and can be any combination of Scratches, Textures + Borders or Colours. Some special effects packs also have new FX presets included!

To install, it’s as simple as selecting the one you want and then hitting OK. Then just wait a few moments for the files to be downloaded and installed. When this is complete, the pack will be “stamped” telling you that it is installed and ready for you to go and try out in the ScratchCam Studio!

If for some reason you would like to remove a downloaded effects pack from ScratchCam, simply come back into the Download Centre and select the pack you wish to get rid of. Easy! Be aware however that if you have saved any Faves that contain these effects then your Faves will not look the same next time you use them!



There aren’t many options that you need to set up in ScratchCam. But what there are, you will find in the aptly named Options menu on the home screen.


The only configurable options are:

Sharing – Log in and out of Facebook and Twitter

Image resolution – most people will want to use ScratchCam at full resolution but if you know you will only be sharing your photo’s online and you don’t have any real need for full res, you can set it to 800px or 1200px which will give you the benefit of having ScratchCam run a bit faster.


Well, the only thing for you to do now is open up the app and have a play around! It really is quite intuitive so just give it a go 🙂