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What’s inside ScratchCam FX?


– Scratched & damaged film effects

– Vintage black & whites

– Down and dirty grunge effects

– Poster & folded paper effects

– Awesome colour shifts and combos

– 1000’s of combinations

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Enhance Your Mobile Photography With Great Retro Photo Effects From Vintage Camera App ScratchCam FX for iPhone


It’s cool

Give your iPhone shots a cool randomized scratched film effect with ScratchCam!




It’s easy

It’s so easy to use – let ScratchCam put in all the effort and turn your photos into works of art with the press of a single button. If you like the effect ScratchCam has generated, save the shot and have another go by simply hitting refresh!



It’s Old-School

— Awesome black and white variations
— Wicked over-saturation & color shift combinations
— Heaps of film scratch effects