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ScratchCam V2.1 Is Here!

ScratchCam V2.1 Is Here!

Well almost a year on since we released version 2.0 of Scratchcam, version 2.1.1 finally arrived with a number of updates and tweaks, but with one small new feature that will change the way you use ScratchCam for ever!

Click here to download ScratchCam 2.1.1 now.

The all new “Stamp” button does just one thing, it “stamps” the currently selected effects onto your photo. But the great thing about this is that it allows you to stack infinite amounts of effects on top of each other. Not only that, but it also means that you can individually adjust the opacity of each layer effect too.

The creative possibilities have just exploded!

My recommendation, if you haven’t yet tried it is to download the update, just play around with it for a few minutes and before long you will get a feel for what is now possible!



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