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ScratchCam February Competition Winners Announced!

It’s been a great couple of weeks over on our Facebook page where you guys have shared some amazing images for our competition and we have had a tough time judging the winners. You didn’t make it easy for us and if we could have squeezed any more into our news window in the app we would have loved to have picked heaps more winners, but in the end we managed to whittle it down to a top 3 with some honourable mentions.

Whenever I mention “we” here on the blog, you may have wondered just who I mean so I thought it would be good to give you a little bit more of a background into who “we” are and how we judged this competition (and all our regular 5 flickr faves features too).

Well, there’s me (Steve) and Sonia and we have built ScratchCam from the ground up ourselves over the past 12 months. We are not a company with developers, designers, marketing departments and all the rest of it – it’s just us two! We created ScratchCam out of a love for photography and creativity and it is the best feeling ever to see so many of you all using a tool that we built in your own creative work flow.

We are both photography lovers and we are all over the Internet in various places but if you want to take a look at a couple of places, then please see these links:

Sonia is on Flickr ( and you can see her instagram stream here (

Steve is on Flickr ( and you can see his instagram stream here (


How did we choose?

When we are deciding which photos to select in our weekly top fives and in this competition, we aren’t consciously thinking about the typical things like composition, lighting, originality or creativity (although they all do come into play subconsciously). The pictures that we end up choosing are ones that speak to us or just have us gazing into them for a few moments, or ones that stand out because they’re just downright cool. They convey a particular feeling that we can’t necessarily explain, but we just know is there.


What’s the prize?

In case you missed it when we announced the competition, the winners will have their photo’s featured on the main menu screen inside the ScratchCam app for at least a week.


Competition Winners

So that’s probably enough words, you all came here to see the pictures right? Well without further adieu, here are our favourite photo’s from those that were entered into the competition. Congratulations to everyone who entered and thank you all so much for taking part! We hope to have some fun new things coming again in the near future!


WINNER 1st place:
Cece by Susan Tuttle

visit ilkasatticdotcom on IG

WINNER 2nd place:
Street Corner Concerto by Cindy Patrick

Street Corner Concerto

WINNER 3rd place:
Step in line by Lindsey Thompson

Step in line




Wendy Garfinkel-Gold

one step and then the next gets you where you're going [explore]

One step and then the next gets you where you’re going by Janine Graf

The Checkered

The Checkered by Kyori Casorochi

Everybody knows you cried last night

Everybody knows you cried last night by jenbeez

See all the competition entries here

Thanks again to everyone who entered. If you haven’t yet checked out all the entries, please take a look on our Facebook wall now and let us know YOUR favourites.

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