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Five Flickr Faves 03/01/2012

Happy new year everybody!

What better way is there to bring the new year in than with another collection of five awesome images from our ScratchCam group on Flickr from the past week.

We hope this first few days of 2012 has been kind to you in setting the tone for the year ahead. If the quality of your photo’s is anything to go by it’s going to be a great one for us all 🙂




I dreamt I could fly [EXPLORED]

I dreamt I could fly [EXPLORED] by Lindsey Thompson (Lindsey76)


Before the sun dies

Before the sun dies by _HerRo


Spooky Girl

Spooky Girl by Nancy Harp


The Offering

The Offering by asleepundercolummsovlight


No Wake

No Wake by Odd American

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