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Five Flickr Faves 25/10/2011 + News Recap

Lets just start off with a quick recap of whats been happening lately.

1.Scratchcam version 2.0 has hit the app store:

Last week we released the our new version v2.0 into the app store, if you have not got or updated your scratchcam yet do it now, you may just like all the new goodies! Also you can read about all the new features on our blog post by clicking this link: The evolution of scratchcam.

2. Our Amazon voucher giveaway:

We have draw 3 winners for our amazon voucher giveaway by using an online random number generator.

1st Place – $50: Ashcroft54 on twitter
2nd Place – $30: Dave Shaw via email
3th Place – $20: jfmaddocks1 on twitter

Congrats to all the lucky winners!

3. Mobile Photography Awards – Win with ScratchCam!

We are proud to be involved in the mobile photography awards competition. ScratchCam is one of the sub categories, so go check it out here:
Mobile Photography Awards


But now lets move onto the five flickr faves for this week

This was little bit of a last minute decision, but because Halloween is just round a corner from today, we decided to pick 5 spooky & dark shots for this weeks 5 flickr faves.

The Last Thing He Saw

The Last Thing He Saw by Mandolina Moon


Escape by Ikasana Imagery

Balloons in the clouds

Balloons in the clouds by clix2020

466 | no man's land

no man’s land by eva

Art on the go

Art on the go by janine1968


Please click on each of the photo’s above to visit the respective artist’s Flickr page. As is common throughout the iPhoneography community, the photo’s shown here may have been processed using a number of applications before reaching their final result but we have only selected those that are distinctively ScratchCam images – that is to say they retain an overall look and feel of the ScratchCam effect.

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