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The evolution of ScratchCam… v2.0 is Live

A bit of background…

It has only been 6 months since the very first release of ScratchCam but today we see our baby grow up with the release of version 2.0.

What started on a whim after watching and being inspired by the look and feel of the Tarantino/Rodriguez Grindhouse double-feature (Planet Terror & Deathproof) has turned into a major project that we have spent a huge amount of time tinkering and perfecting over the past 4 months.

It seemed like such an innocent question one day last February (wouldn’t it be cool if there was an iPhone app that made a photo look like a frame right out of a Grindhouse movie) but it has blossomed from a care-free “what-if” into a fully-fledged photography app.

As one idea spawned another, which in turn branched out into two – and so on – we started to build a pretty clear picture of what we would like a “finished” product to be, so rather than keep on delivering small incremental upgrades we decided to get our heads down and focus on our first major upgrade.

The toughest part of the whole process was making the time to fit in all the extra work! The entire ScratchCam team consists of me (Steve) and my co-developer (Sonia), who both have regular day jobs that occupy most of our time. But we pushed on and made the most of every spare moment, inspired by something that before we started we had no idea would happen. We had a user base!

We gain so much satisfaction and sheer pleasure from seeing you guys out there on the internet, sharing your ScratchCam photo’s on Flickr, Instagram, Twitter and so on that we just WANTED to give you an even better app!


What’s new in ScratchCam 2.0?


Brand new user interface

This is the most obvious and noticeable upgrade as it is the first thing you will see when you open ScratchCam. We have created a main navigation menu from which all the main features can be accessed and given the whole thing a new look and feel.


ScratchCam Studio

This is where the magic happens and you will recognise it as the screen that ScratchCam used to open up into. From the main menu, select an existing or take a new photo and it will be loaded into the ScratchCam studio. Or if you open the studio straight off the main menu you can work on the last photo you loaded.


Customise the ScratchCam effect

This is the one that you have been asking for the most! Now you have an “Edit” menu in the ScratchCam studio where you can choose individual layers, textures and effects to create your desired result. The randomiser is still there and is still a lot of fun, but the introduction of the edit menu will change the way a lot of people use ScratchCam



Download Centre

Another big new feature is our Download Centre. From here you can download new textures and effects straight into ScratchCam without having to wait for an app update! We are starting off with 7 effect packs and will be bringing you more on a regular basis.


Share photo’s with other photo apps

This is so cool! Now in 2.0 you can move photos between ScratchCam and a bunch of other photo apps seamlessly without having to save them to your camera roll first! For those of you who like to edit your photos in more than one app this is perfect… You can open a photo in ScratchCam, add an effect, and then send that photo to another app, edit it there, and then bring it back into ScratchCam to apply some further edits – all without filling up your camera roll by having to save the shot each time!



New presets menu

As well as having your “Faves” menu to save your own presets, we have given you a new ready-made presets menu to get you started off. This gives you a few good starting points for any photo and some of our download packs include new presets too.

News window

Another useful feature we have added is a little scrollable “news” window to the main menu. We will be using this to deliver quick tips, info on competitions and updates as well as any other useful tidbits of information.



What’s with the FX? We hear you asking! We decided to add FX to our name in iTunes as a kind-of versioning marker (like how photoshop went from 7.0, 8.0, CS, CS2 etc) but also to try to make it a little more easy to tell what ScratchCam is about just from the name. It occurred to us that ScratchCam, whilst it is a cool name and describes exactly what we started out trying to achieve with the app, ScratchCam has evolved into much more than just a one-effect pony



Did we mention?

This has been a bit of an epic blog post – probably the longest we have ever written on! Thanks for sticking by and making it to the end!
If you have already downloaded ScratchCam – Thank You for your support and we hope you enjoy getting creative with it! Please contact us if you have any questions whatsoever. If you have not yet tried ScratchCam, thank’s to you for reading this far and checking out what we have been up to. If you would like to give ScratchCam a go – just hit the app store button below!

If you have tried ScratchCam 2.0 please let us know what you think in the comments below!



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