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Five Flickr Faves 11/10/2011

As you may already know, ScratchCam V2.0 is coming out soon, we are working very hard to bring it to you asap. We are aiming to release the update in around 2 weeks! So bare with us guys you will see the new goodies scratchcam is bringing you very soon and then…let the fun begin.
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But now lets see the 5 best scratchcam’d photographs from the past week in the flickrverse:
Here are our winners:

Momo (The life before us)

Mono (the life before us) by _HerRo

outside looking in

Outside looking in by shutter_se7ven

TALIPUNOPATJAMAN #nucis #iphonesia #hipstamatic #stilllife #diptic #scratchcam #instasunda Kriiiing halo ..., Salah sambuuuung !!!!!

Talipunopatjaman by saicis

beam me up

Beam me up by janine1968

Baltimore Airport by D.Ingraham


Please click on each of the photo’s above to visit the respective artist’s Flickr page. As is common throughout the iPhoneography community, the photo’s shown here may have been processed using a number of applications before reaching their final result but we have only selected those that are distinctively ScratchCam images – that is to say they retain an overall look and feel of the ScratchCam effect.

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