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Five Flickr Faves 27/09/11

And in case you haven’t yet heard, we are giving away $100 in vouchers to celebrate our soon-to-be-released upgrade to ScratchCam v2.0. Just enter your email address in the box on the right side of this page to go into the draw – it’s that easy! We are including some really cool features and snazzing up the design. So far we loving it and we are so so excited for the release.

Here is our weekly five flickr fave pick from the flickrverse:

bed of dreams

Bed of dreams by alyssthomas

traffic lights for a weirdo

Traffic lights for a wierdo by krapoz

Sunset in a park

Sunset in a park by kim/ber

at the movies

At the movies by scott{ie}

Twilight of autumn

Twilight of autumn by Blue Moon_Rabbit


Please click on each of the photo’s above to visit the respective artist’s Flickr page. As is common throughout the iPhoneography community, the photo’s shown here may have been processed using a number of applications before reaching their final result but we have only selected those that are distinctively ScratchCam images – that is to say they retain an overall look and feel of the ScratchCam effect.

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