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Koci Hernandez talks Street Photography, Blurb & Instagram…

… and even gives ScratchCam a shout out too!

Hi folks! You may have heard about Instagram teaming up with recently to bring us a service that will help us create beautiful printed photo books out of our Instagram photo stream.

Jackie over at got in touch with me this week to let me know that Emmy Award-winning multimedia journalist Koci Hernandez had given ScratchCam a mention in a promo video they have just completed for the project. In the video, he talks about his passion for street photography and runs us through some of the techniques he uses to capture everyday moments and turn them into everlasting pieces of art.

It’s a really inspirational clip and I’m betting that by the time you’ve watched it you will want nothing more than to go out into the world and start collecting moments!


Koci has an amazing stream of images over on Instagram (@koci) and Flickr (@youarenotyourego) (we’ve previously featured one of his shots on a “5 Flickr Faves”) so you should go check him out and let yourself be inspired by the work that he is creating out there on the streets of San Francisco.

You should also definitely head over to and see for yourself how easy these guys are making it to create beautiful looking photo books.




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