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ScratchCam v1.3 is on it’s way – along with a Try-Before-You-Buy edition

ScratchCam version 1.3 has been submitted to the app store and includes two main features that have been hot on the lips of our users.


What’s new in v1.3?

  • Now you can save your favourite ScratchCam effects and use them later on as many photo’s as you like.
  • We’ve added integrated Twitter and email sharing to the list of photo sharing options.
  • The user interface has had a little bit of a makeover too!


Also introducing ScratchCam Lite!!

To accompany the version 1.3 update we are now also offering a Lite version of ScratchCam – this will be a separate free download in the app store and will look and feel just like the full version, but will have a few restrictions such as:

  • 800px maximum resolution (up to full res in Full version)
  • Save up to 4 favourite effects (up to 200 in Full version)
  • No “undo” button for when you accidentally skip past an effect!
  • ScratchCam Lite will be ad-supported
  • Some of the useful UI features are only available in the Full version, such as screen rotation and hiding the menus for full screen previews.


We expect these updates to be released early next week depending entirely on the Apple review process, so stay tuned!



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