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Five Flickr Faves – 24/05/11

It’s that time of the week again, so here are five stand-out flickr photo’s for which scratchcam has been part of the creative process:
Grunged up

Grunged up | kim-i



Get out.

Get Out | Sascha**


purple green yellow red

purple green yellow red | kim/ber



before it gets funky

Before it gets funky | amaeye




Dead? | hsisson



Please click on each of the photo’s above to visit the respective artist’s Flickr page. As is common throughout the iPhoneography community, the photo’s shown here may have been processed using a number of applications before reaching their final result but we have only selected those that are distinctively ScratchCam images – that is to say they retain an overall look and feel of the ScratchCam effect.

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