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ScratchCam adds some great new features in version 1.2

We have been working hard on our new update and are thrilled to announce that it is now available in the app store!

The update focuses on two main features that will give you more control over the images you create but without removing the essence of the random scratchcam awesomeness.



New Strength Slider

  • We have added a slider control that lets you alter the degree to which the scratchcam effect is applied to your photo. When you hit the “Random” button, the strength slider starts at 100% but if you decide you would like to turn down the vibe, just adjust the slider until the photo looks the way you like it. Easy!


An Undo Button saves the day!

  • The second main feature is the addition of an Undo button – we had a lot of feedback telling us (and also found in our own real-world usage of scratchcam) that in the excitement of whizzing through the effects hitting randomise over and over it was all too easy to accidentally zoom past that money shot ┬áthat you were waiting for. So we added the undo button for that exact circumstance – If you realise that you’ve just gone past the one effect that fitted your photo perfectly, just hit undo!


Even more awesome randomness

  • Thirdly, although at first not as obvious as the first two updates but just as central to the release, we have updated the effects generation significantly adding a number of new effects, removing some older ones that weren’t quite working as we’d have liked and tweaking the formulas for randomness. This update has really expanded the possibilities of what scratchcam can create and hopefully makes it much more fun to use.


Maintenance updates

  • Finally we have made some regular maintenance updates, tweaking the UI and fixing one particular issue that was causing the app to crash under low-memory situations, especially on 3GS devices.



  • And even more finally… here is a handful of images we created using the new version 1.2 of ScratchCam!






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